The tasks of the Goportis dp project include the realisation of various workflows. In addition to gaining experience and competence with respect to the concrete, practical digital preservation, the objective is to develop and determine institutional and technical requirements for a dp system which is to be implemented permanently.

The project involves the following specific tasks:

  • Analysis and implementation of selected workflows for text-based documents
  • Development of a concept for the digital preservation of video formats and digitised materials
  • Integration into the existing technical system infrastructures
  • Interface adjustments
  • Testing of the system under production conditions

The procedure in the project is to implement three standard workflows — with their respective links to the Union Catalogues (GBV and hbz) — into the system in a first step following an in-depth analysis. Both automated and manual workflows are processed.

For the two automated workflows, the contents of the two repositories (ElliNET & EconStor) are transmitted automatically to the system by means of submission applications.